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Michael Pearson

“I am committed to improving District 2 because I feel it is a good cause,” Pearson explains when asked why he chose to try and conquer the tremendous task of turning around the Logan County road situation. “I live on these roads and know firsthand how bad they are,” he continued.

Pearson describes himself as a small government conservative who is opposed to any effort to increase taxes. He lives on Westminster road near Meridian with his wife Anne.

It was Pearson’s penchant for a good cause that motivated him to serve in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War. Following a honorable discharge, Pearson went back to school and received his degree in Pharmacy from the University of Oklahoma, with a minor in math and physics.

“I like fixing problems and working in the great outdoors,” Pearson said. So he became a line repairman for Southwestern Bell where he retired after many years of service. “As a repairman, I have driven just about all of these roads so I knew firsthand how bad they are,” he said.

Pearson’s desire to make a difference once again kicked in 2003 when the Logan County Commissioners voted to take away thousands of road funding dollars from Logan County Districts 1 and 2. Pearson started a citizens’ group that lobbied for the return of the funds.

“I wanted to fund the roads right here where we live and they were inexplicably on the record against returning the money,” he explains.

Pearson credits the road funding controversy with creating his desire to serve. In the spring of 2008 he launched his campaign for County Commissioner on a platform of returning the priority to funding roads. He was elected by a wide margin.

Once elected, Pearson instituted an aggressive program known as the “100 Day Plan” to reverse the bad policy decisions of the past and properly fund the construction and maintenance of roads