My appreciation goes to those who supported me in my reelection for a third four year term.  It was an ordeal which I’m thankful is over. Short time ago, my wife went through a medical ordeal which, fortunately, has had a good outcome.

New businesses in Logan County District 2 are coming along quite well. On Cue on Waterloo should be open for business during the first months of 2017. The Hampton Inn should be opening in a few months on the west side of I-35 just south of Hwy 33. Tractor Supply is on schedule to open September 17th. Valeros/Golden Chick I-35/Hwy 33 finally has their new sewerline in place and hooked up to the city’s main.

The interim upgrade of the Waterloo/I-35 traffic snarl will be put out for bid in the October ODOT bid letting. Bids will be opened and probably awarded in November. The contractor getting the bid can take up to 90 days to begin construction. The contract will include traffic signals, new turn lanes striping and signage.

Triplett (Rollercoaster) Rd from Pine to Midwest has been a bigger challenge than I thought it would ever be, but has now come close to completion. The project began more than a year ago after we discovered that it averaged more than 700 vehicles per day on what has been called a goat trail. We are working to get bid packets for blacktop out by this week but must be in compliance with recent rulings on bidding requirements. We hope to open bids on October 15th.

Work should begin on Pine south from Rollercoaster Rd to Camp Rd before the end of the month. In our way is a fiber optic line owned by the state that is being abandoned and replaced with new fiber on I-35.

The engineering plans for Pine from Waterloo to Charter Oak have been completed for an overlay. The project was to be funded by CIRB funds but with the change in standards and the way they are distributed by ODOT, these funds cannot be used on this road for just an overlay. Using county funds, we should begin on this project next year.

Charter Oak Rd is a real challenge. With the new Guthrie elementary school planned for opening in the fall of 2018, an explosion of housing and commercial growth is predicted. Federal funding is being pursued to upgrade the Douglas/Charter Oak intersection.

A Tax Increment Financing Reinvestment review committee has been authorized by the county board of commissioners to study the possibility of using some of the increase in revenue from new properties in the area to fund paving two miles of Charter Oak from Douglas west to I-35.  It will be our goal to pay for it within five years. I have been selected to be the chairman representing the county on this committee and have sent letters to Guthrie Schools, Meridian VoTec, the Logan County Health Department and the Guthrie EMS I-1. I am accepting applications at this time for the selection of three at large members. They will meet several times per month over the next few months.  If this is acceptable to the committee and the BoCC, these two miles could be paved next year.

Rural Water District 1 is planning a new waterline which will impact quite a few citizens. The proposed waterline begins east of Douglas in front of Charter Oak Hills addition and travels east to Anderson, then south to Simmons Rd where a new 200ac housing addition has begun. Somewhere around two thousand new homes are projected within the next 2-3 years on the east side of I-35. The new waterline to Meridian from Langston has been completed but water meters in Meridian must be replaced before the tap is turned on.

The Luther Rd Project paving from Hwy 105 to Waterloo Rd is CIRB funded as administered by ODOT. They have funded $210,800 for the first six miles for Right of Way acquisitions from Waterloo to Camp Rd. The sooner these properties are acquired, the sooner moving the utilities can be funded and construction started. With the partial defunding of CIRB by certain legislators, only the first two miles are planned for construction in ’18 at this time.

There are many so many other projects that we are constantly working on around the road district. We appreciate the support, the communications and the patience which you have given us.

Logan County citizens with unwanted furniture, appliances and junk can use the District 2 roll off dumpster instead of dumping in the creek or on the side of the road. It is free to all Logan County residents (non commercial).

Do not count on “someone else” to keep us informed on road conditions. We will respond as soon as we are able. Our office is 282-3405 and my cell is 405-650-0384 (I text too). Or email us at